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About Us

Family-owned and operated, Marc Jacobson & Associates was created nearly 30 years ago because our founder realized the true need for outstanding financial support and customer experience. Our intention is to make sure your financial security is set and that you are supported with the appropriate customer service.

Marc Jacobson takes a purpose-driven approach to keep customers in the forefront. He starts every client relationship with the question, “What does financial security look like to you?” and uses their answers to pave the way to complete financial security. Our founder has helped thousands of clients journey toward financial security.

Founded in 1988, Marc Jacobson & Associates has roots in assisting clients to financial independence while maintaining personal service and excellence in the industry. What separates Marc Jacobson & Associates from others is our group of experienced financial professionals and the time we make to precisely understand your financial goals.

Michael Rosen, brother-in law to Marc, has developed and managed the firm's analysis and portfolios to support clients’ retirement plans are executed for a solid, secure financial future.

The Marc Jacobson & Associates team of financial professionals takes a hands-on, disciplined approach when it comes to guiding clients. Our professionals are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also want to be your partner along the way to financial freedom. It can be a tough road, but rest assured our team is by your side. We, too, want you to find success in the future and we are committed to helping you achieve your financial dreams.

As we advise you on how to achieve financial goals, the Marc Jacobson & Associates team will keep your priorities focused and provide education for continued success.

Financial stability is something that most people strive for their entire lives. Your financial security can shift in the blink of an eye and it’s not always easy getting back to neutral. At Marc Jacobson & Associates, our job is to make sure your financial security is set.

If you would like to speak with someone about your current financial situation or to schedule an appointment, email us or call 847-498-7181.